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India in Afghanistan: Understanding Development Assistance by Emerging Donors to Conflict-Affected Countries

Post Description Publication year: 2017 Publication Type: Policy Brief Form of Cooperation: Gants and loans, and technical assistance Cooperation Context: Bilateral Region (Recipient country): South Asia Sector: Multi-sectoral The Institution (Publication): Rani D. Mullen...

A Study of the India-Bhutan Energy Cooperation Agreements and the Implementation of Hydropower Projects in Bhutan

Summary: One of a series of country case studies assessing the effectiveness of India’s development cooperation programme. Undertaken in partnership with Vasudha Foundation, the study examines bilateral hydropower energy agreements between India and Bhutan,...

Balancing State and Community Participation in Development Partnership Projects: Emerging Evidence from Indian SDPs in Nepal

Abstract: Since early nineties when ‘East Asian miracle’ aroused heated debate among revisionists and neoclassical economists on economic development and the role of state, two different approaches have emerged in the realm of development...