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A Study of the India-Bhutan Energy Cooperation Agreements and the Implementation of Hydropower Projects in Bhutan

Summary: One of a series of country case studies assessing the effectiveness of India’s development cooperation programme. Undertaken in partnership with Vasudha Foundation, the study examines bilateral hydropower energy agreements between India and Bhutan,...

South-South Ideas – Assessing Impact of South-South Cooperation – Variations in Perspectives (2019)

Post Description Publication year: 2019 Publication Type: Report Form of Cooperation: Comprehensive (Lines of credit, grants and loans, and technical assistance). Cooperation Context: Bilateral (Mozambique) Region (Recipient country): Africa Sector: Energy The Institution (Publication):...

Indian Development Cooperation with Afghanistan and the ‘Afghan-India Friendship Dam’

Abstract: India has strengthened its ties with Afghanistan since 2001. A crucial facet of the Indo-Afghan bilateral relationship has been India’s extensive initiatives directed towards the restructuring and rehabilitation of war-torn Afghanistan. Indian development support...