Professor Emma Mawdsley




Emma’s research is on the politics of global development. This includes a substantial body of work on ‘South-South’ development cooperation, with a particular but not exclusive focus on India. More recently she has extended her scope to explore how DAC donors are re-purposing their development narratives, tools and agendas to a changing global landscape. This includes work on the domestic politics of aid in the UK, donor-middle income country development transitions, and re-theorising the changing governance of development finance. 


Emma did her undergraduate degree and PhD at St John’s College, Cambridge, the latter under the supervision of Professor Stuart Corbridge. She worked in Durham University (1996-2003) and Birkbeck College, University of London (2003-2006), before moving to her current position at the Geography Department, University of Cambridge. She is Director of the Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies and previously held the position of Vice-Principal of Newnham College.


Emma has undertaken occasional radio and newspaper interviews. In November 2018 she received media training as part of the BBC World Service’s Expert Women programme. 

Recent publications


Mawdsley, E., Fourie, E., & Nauta, W. (2019). Researching South-South Development Cooperation: The Politics of Knowledge Production. London: Routledge

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Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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