India’s response to state fragility in Africa

Abstract: New Delhi is increasingly positioning itself as a significant player in African peace, security and development. Examining the question of how India responds to state fragility in Africa, this brief finds that India’s engagement is mostly transactional: working around, rather than on, sources of political fragility. Development and security interventions tend to operate in silos, but might change if Indian commercial investments are threatened by persistent instability. New Delhi’s pronouncements at global forums increasingly call for a more cohesive and comprehensive approach to development and security in Africa, while framing its own contribution in terms of building new development partnerships for mutual economic growth.

Post Description

  • Publication year: 2017
  • Publication Type: Policy brief
  • Form of Cooperation: Comprehensive (Lines of credit, grants and loans, and technical assistance).
  • Cooperation Context: Bilateral (Libya and South Sudan)
  • Region (Recipient country): Africa
  • Sector: Security
  • The Institution (Publication): Observer Research Foundation
  • Author (and co-authors): Urvashi Aneja
  • Keywords: South-South cooperation; South Sudan; Libya; Africa; security and development investments
  • Link: ORF site link

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