South-South Cooperation in Education and Development (International Perspectives on Educational Reform Series)

Examines the role of bi and multilateral development agencies such as the World Bank, UNESCO, and UNDP; regions such as Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East; and countries such as Brazil, China, India, Japan, Jordan, Turkey, and South Africa.

Post Description

  • Publication year: 2009
  • Publication Type: Book
  • Form of Cooperation: –
  • Cooperation Context: Multilateral
  • Recipient Country: Multiple countries
  • Region (Recipient country):
  • Sector: Education
  • The Institution (Publication): Teachers College Press  (Book)
  • Editors (and contributors): Linda Chisholm and Gita Steiner-Khamsi
  • Keywords: South-South cooperation; Education sector; bi- and multilateral development agencies; triangular partnerships and bilateral and regional initiatives;
  • Link:

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