The Logic of Sharing: Indian Approach to South-South Cooperation

This book provides an analysis of contemporary India-African relations, compares and contrasts India to China’s role as a rising global power in the African continent.

Post Description

  • Publication year: 2016 (online version)
  • Publication Type: Book
  • Form of Cooperation: Comprehensive (Lines of credit, grants and loans, and technical assistance).
  • Cooperation Context: Multilateral
  • Recipient Country: Multiple countries
  • Region (Recipient country): Not Applicable
  • Sector: Multi-sectoral
  • The Institution (Publication): Cambridge University Press, (Book)
  • Author (and co-authors): Sachin Chaturvedi
  • Keywords: rising powers and mainstream foreign aid; lineages of non-DAC aid and development cooperation; (re-) emerging development partners today: Modalities and practices, institutions, recipients, and flows; constructing non-DAC development assistance; changing development governance; New Global Partnerships; India; China; Gulf states (Saudi Arabia); former socialist states (Poland and Russia)
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