The Logic of Sharing: Indian Approach to South-South Cooperation

Abstract: In one of the first analyses of contemporary Indian–African relations, this detailed book draws upon a collection of case studies that explore interrelated topics such as trade, investment, development aid, civil society relations, security, and geopolitics. While China’s relationship with Africa has been thoroughly examined, knowledge and analysis of India’s role in Africa have until now been limited. This book fills the gap and compares and contrasts India to China’s role as a rising global power in the African continent.

Post Description

  • Publication year: 2016 (online version)
  • Publication Type: Book
  • Form of Cooperation: Comprehensive (Lines of credit, grants and loans, and technical assistance).
  • Cooperation Context: Multilateral
  • Recipient Country: Multiple countries
  • Region (Recipient country): Not Applicable
  • Sector: Multi-sectoral
  • The Institution (Publication): Cambridge University Press, (Book)
  • Author (and co-authors): Sachin Chaturvedi
  • Keywords: rising powers and mainstream foreign aid; lineages of non-DAC aid and development cooperation; (re-) emerging development partners today: Modalities and practices, institutions, recipients, and flows; constructing non-DAC development assistance; changing development governance; New Global Partnerships; India; China; Gulf states (Saudi Arabia); former socialist states (Poland and Russia)
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