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We invite research proposals which contribute to the Margaret Anstee Centre – Global Partnership Programme on Development (MAC-GPPD) project. This is funded by the Department for International Development, under the India-UK Global Partnership Programme on Development (GPPD). The GPPD is intended to improve development coordination between India and the UK, leading to more positive outcomes in other developing countries and on global issues. Other GPPD partners are the Research and Information Systems for Developing Countries (RIS), the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), and the World Bank (India), all based in Delhi, India. The GPPD project will run until June 2022.

The MAC-GPPD project, the research component of the India UK Development Partnership Forum (IUKDPF), is hosted by the Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies, Newnham College, Cambridge. The project director is Dr Emma Mawdsley. The project includes a partnership with the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, under the direction of Dr Radhika Khosla.

The MAC-GPPD project is primarily oriented towards academic contributions to the overall GPPD aims. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Specific bilateral and trilateral Indian development partnerships in the South Asian region, African countries, and elsewhere.
  • India’s role in multilateral development partnerships e.g. the Asia Africa Growth Corridor, IBSA Fund, SAARC funds.
  • Particular Indian development partnership programmes and vehicles e.g. SITA, LoCs.
  • The role of private sector, Indian development finance, and civil society partners in Indian development cooperation.
  • The politics of development knowledge and expertise in Indian development cooperation.
  • The role/potential/challenges and opportunities for Indian development cooperation in promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality.
  • The role/potential/challenges for Indian development cooperation in international peacebuilding, conflict transformation and/or humanitarianism.
  • Cultural diplomacy and Indian development cooperation.
  • India’s policy, technology and investment role in renewable energy and low carbon technologies in third country settings.
  • India’s role in promoting sustainable and inclusive cities in third country settings.
  • India’s role in international development finance and trade.
  • The relationship between security and Indian development cooperation.

Three forms of research applications are invited:

1. Research projects

Applications should comprise: a title; an outline of the proposed research; a detailed methodology; a detailed budget; supporting letters from any partner organisations; bibliography; timeline and milestones; and details of anticipated outputs. In addition, the CVs of the main applicants should be provided.  Projects would fall into three bands: 

  • Under £5000 [applications up to six pages]* 
  • £5000-£20,000 [applications up to eight pages]* 
  • £20,000-£50,000 [applications up to twelve pages]*

*Not including CVs or supporting letters from partner organisations.

Costs covered would include travel, accommodation, research assistance and other researchrelated costs. Research partners would be expected to join GPPD knowledge exchange forums. A stipend or fee for the research would not normally be included if the applicant is in full-time employment, but can be included if not. 

2. Policy Briefs and Working Papers

Ideas for Policy Briefs and Working Papers must be agreed with the MAC-GPPD in advance of submission, and payment will be conditional on the terms of the agreement being met. They will be remunerated at £750 (Policy Brief) and £1500 (Working Paper). These are intended to be original, rigorous and high-quality contributions, and be unpublished elsewhere. Details of the formatting for the Policy Briefs (two pages) and Working Papers (up to 10,000 words including bibliography) will be provided upon application. Authors of working papers may wish to submit a later version as academic papers, and are welcome to do so provided the support of the MAC-GPPD is acknowledged. 

3. Visiting Positions 

The MAC-GPPD can sponsor a small number of short-term Visiting Positions (normally two to four weeks). Travel, accommodation and subsistence can be covered, but we are not able to provide a stipend. These are intended to provide opportunities for advanced discussion and writing opportunities with the MAC-GPPD team. Applicants should provide a 500-1000 word outline of their writing plans, as well as a CV, and indication of dates of visit.  

All proposals will be assessed on the basis of their potential academic and policy impact; alignment with the MAC-GPPD areas of interest; feasibility; originality; experience of the researcher(s); value for money.

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis. 

For all queries and applications, please email:

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