Welcome to the Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies

The Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies was founded in 2018. The Centre was made possible through a legacy from Dame Margaret Anstee, an alumna of the College, and the first woman Under-Secretary General of the United Nations.

The Centre supports research in international relations and economic and social development. It supports two to three postdoctoral fellows and a graduate studentship; and is a platform for associated research initiatives within and beyond Newnham College, such as the Archives of the Disappeared. The Centre also provides a supportive forum for graduate students in the College working on various aspects of international change, politics and development.

The Centre is located in the Dorothy Garrod Building in Newnham College, and provides an ideal hub and platform for discussion, research and external engagement.

Please contact us on agnes.hoctor@newn.cam.ac.uk